Service to Ships, Vessels and Emergency Services.

Waste management for disposal.

Commercial, industrial and marine septic tank cleaning

Boat waste removal

Collection and transport of contaminated materials

Removal of oily waste from vessels

Marine septic tank cleaning


Coletex was founded in 2002, in São Francisco do Sul. Realizing the need to collect Civil Construction waste, we dedicated ourselves to the best possible work in this area until then realized that during 2005 there was a need to enter any branch of industrial waste and commercial. Offering total management of these residues, from collection, conditioning, transport and final destination.
In 2008, we also entered the marine waste market. Serving vessels, ships for the removal of garbage, scrap, sludge and port emergency services. Our team is formed by a highly qualified professional staff, which offers solutions according to the customer's needs in our areas of coverage, respecting the current legislation. Coletex combining technology, economy, economy and economy to your business and company.



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